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Strawberry Skies Monthly Jams: April 2021

Updated: May 12, 2021

Hello and welcome to the first blog entry on Strawberry Skies! My name is Jennifer Moglia, and while I take on many different roles, I am always a writer first and foremost.

As I finish up my senior year of high school and transition into my freshman year of college, I decided to start my own blog where I could talk about essentially anything I wanted. Here, you'll find music reviews, interviews, rants, poems, and just about anything else that I write that I can't think of a separate home for - it'll all live here.

You can learn more about me on the "about" page on this site. I figured a good way to get started here and to help you all get to know me (and my music taste) would be to post my first monthly playlist, which you can find on Spotify here; below is a list of all the songs and artists included!

"Split 2020" - America Part Two

I've been obsessed with America Part Two's new album "Price of a Nation" since it came out earlier this year, and this song has been the standout for me. Dying to see this band live when it's safe.

"bleeding for help" - Range Life

I probably could have chosen any Range Life track for this playlist considering how much I listen to his entire discography, but "bleeding for help" has been my favorite lately. Just a ridiculous amount of talent and emotion packed into a song.

"Ravine" - Christian Sparacio

After his new single "About Time (Porch Session) [feat. telco]" came out a few weeks ago, I went back and listened to some of Christian Sparacio's older music. This one definitely still holds up.

"IDKY" - Pollyanna, Ophelia Booth

Pollyanna is seriously one of the coolest bands out there right now, and they make me hate New Jersey a little bit less. The entire "Sugar Coat" EP is a ton of fun.

"Poison" - Wyndup Kid

Another band that makes me hate New Jersey a little bit less! I firmly believe Wyndup Kid is going to take over the world.

"Closer" - Carpool Tunnel

Was super late to the party on this one, but Carpool Tunnel's album "Bloom" that came out earlier this year is incredible front to back; think modern indie-pop meets the Beach Boys. The final track is the best by far here, though.

"Don't Really Think" - Restraining Order

I've been listening to a bunch of Connecticut hardcore bands as I prepare to move to CT for college (scary!) and Restraining Order is one of my favorites. It amazes me how much they can accomplish on a record that's just over 15 minutes long.

"Cuffed" - Regrown

I'm just now realizing how many New Jersey bands are on this playlist, but there's no way I could have left Regrown out. Can't wait for their EP this summer, this single gets stuck in my head all the time.

"The Spins" - Mac Miller

When Mac Miller said "oh yeah, I just graduated high school!" in "The Spins", I (almost) felt that. Miss you, king.

"Weave Me (Into Yr Sin)" - Citizen

The new Citizen record made me dig back into their discography, and I'm so glad that I did. I had a tough time choosing between something off of "Young States" and something off of "Everbody is Going to Heaven", but the latter won out; this album is seriously some of their best work.

"Innate Thirst - Single Version" - Dying Wish

I recently wrote an article for Girls Behind the Rock Show about how important diverse gender representation in hardcore music is, and Dying Wish is one of the bands that I mentioned; Emma Boster is just an absolute rockstar. Can't wait to see what this band does next.

"The Other Side Of The Door (Taylor's Version)" - Taylor Swift

I wouldn't be able to call myself a "swiftie" in good conscience if I didn't add at least one song from "Fearless (Taylor's Version)." I was never a fan of this track, but the re-recorded version is insane; that bridge makes me feel so incredibly alive.

"Kill V. Maim" - Grimes

One of my friends played this song for me at lunch a few weeks back and it has since ingrained itself into my brain. Am I a Grimes fan now? Look for an update on this in next month's playlist, I guess?

"Mr. Tillman" - Father John Misty

Father John Misty is one of my favorite artists of all time, but I've never given his album "God's Favorite Customer" enough love. This is probably my favorite track off of that record.

"Rules" - Doja Cat

I only started listening to Doja Cat about a month ago, but I knew that an album titled "Hot Pink" would be right up my alley. She is so talented and every song on this record is so much fun.

"ICU" - Phoebe Bridgers

Another artist I was incredibly late on, it only took my friends badgering me for months to get me to finally check out Phoebe Bridgers. I love all of her work, but "Punisher" is an absolutely untouchable album; this is one of my favorites off of it.

"Endlessly" - Chevelle

Chevelle is one of the bands that I've seen live the most (it has to be five or six times at this point?) and I don't think they have a single song that I don't enjoy. This is my favorite track off of their new sci-fi-themed record, "Niratias."

"The Camera Turns" - Born Without Bones

Yet another band it took me way too long to check out, I kept putting off listening to Born Without Bones, but when a friend finally played them for me, I understood the hype. "Baby" is an immaculate album, but this track off of "Say Hello" takes my breath away every time.

"USMA" - Fiddlehead

Fiddlehead is one of my favorite bands of all time, and I've been listening to "Springtime and Blind" a ton lately in preparation for their new album "Between the Richness" coming out next month. There isn't a bad song on "Springtime", I truly just picked the one I was feeling the most at the moment; you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't listen to the whole thing.

"Fragile Limbs" - Counterparts

You can't go wrong with Counterparts and "You're Not You Anymore", can you? Amazing band and one of my favorite albums of all time, don't think a day goes by when I don't stream at least one track off of this.

I'd love to know what you think, so feel free to tweet me at @JENSESSlON or the blog at @StrawbSkiesBlog with your favorite tracks! The blog can also be found on social media @StrawberrySkiesBlog on Instagram and Strawberry Skies Blog on Facebook.

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