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Strawberry Skies Weekly Jams; October 14th, 2021

Welcome back to the Strawberry Skies radio show/weekly jams playlist! I've had a bit of a chaotic week, hence why this playlist is a bit late, but, regardless, let's dive in to some fall songs and new releases.

If you're reading this between 3:00 and 4:00 PM EST on Thursday, October 14th, you can listen live right now here. If you're not reading this during that timeframe, you can listen to what I played using this week's Spotify playlist here!

“Sideways Sleeper” - Homesafe

Homesafe is one of my favorite bands in the world and their album "ONE" is an autumn staple for me every year. Keep an eye on the site in the next few weeks for more Homesafe content coming soon!

“Promise Everything” - Basement

On the topic of favorites, this is the title track on one of my favorite records of all time. Basement's "Promise Everything" is in my year-round rotation, but if you're looking for a Basement album that will remind you of fall, this or "Colourmeinkindness" is your best bet.

“Knuckles” - Moose Blood

Moose Blood was one of my favorite bands in middle school and I really love going back to them from time to time (no pun intended). The cover art for the album this song is on, "Blush", is absolutely gorgeous.

“Autumn” - One Step Closer

One Step Closer's "This Place You Know" is undoubtedly one of my favorite full-lengths of 2021, and I'm really excited to see them play these songs live in a couple of weeks. I know I've already played songs from this record on the show, but I'm using this song's title as an excuse to play more. Not sorry.

“Plum Summer” - Matchstick Ghost

I really love the cover art for this track, big fan of the platform Crocs floating in the pool. This is a song with the word "summer" in the title but I just discovered it recently so here it is!!

“A Little More” - 7Elevan

7Elevan opened for Range Life this past Friday at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn, NY and I was super stoked to see him perform some unreleased songs live! This track reminds me a lot of The Goo Goo Dolls and The Fray.

“That Funny Feeling” - Phoebe Bridgers

I finally watched Bo Burnham's Netflix special "Inside" last week, and I only did so because Phoebe Bridgers covered one of the songs from the soundtrack. Her rendition is absolutely beautiful.

“Love Them and Leave Them” - Like Pacific

I started listening to Like Pacific during the summer of 2020 and have been looking forward to their new album "Control My Sanity" since before it had even been announced. If the rest of the record sounds like this track, I will be a very happy camper.

“Phantom Pool” - Soul Blind

Soul Blind's set at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn at the start of October supporting Charity, Victory Garden, Koyo, and No Pressure was one of my favorite live performances that I've seen this year. Their new EP "Third Chain" has been on repeat for me since it was released a few weeks ago.

“More Than A Letter” - Anxious

I got to see Anxious twice this weekend, this past Thursday at Space Ballroom in Hamden, CT and Friday at Elsewhere in Brooklyn, NY. This is a band that is very special to me and seeing them live will always feel magical to me.

“School Friends” - Fox Teeth

Fox Teeth's 2020 debut album "title!" was one of my favorite releases of 2020, and I just started listening to it again recently - it's definitely an autumn album. I'm glad I can finally say that I've seen them live now.

“Good For You” - Pollyanna

I worked with Pollyanna while interning with DIMM Entertainment this summer, and they just announced their signing with I Surrender Records as well as the upcoming release of the deluxe version of their 2020 EP "Sugar Coat." I have no doubt that this band is going to do amazing things in the future, and I'll be honored to say that I knew them "way-back-when."

“2001” - Range Life

Range Life's record release show for his new album "When It All Gets Old" was this past Friday at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn, NY, with support from Okay Okay, 7Elevan, Lizzie Donohue, Fox Teeth, and Pollyanna. It was obvious that this show and this record were both in the works for a long time and the whole night felt like a big celebration. This is exactly how I want to feel at every show I go to.

What songs do you want to hear me play next week? Let me know by tweeting me at @JENSESSlON or the blog at @StrawbSkiesBlog! The blog can also be found on social media @StrawberrySkiesBlog on Instagram and Strawberry Skies Blog on Facebook.

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