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Strawberry Skies Presents: The Sweetest Releases of 2023

As is tradition, my list of the sweetest releases of the year is now here! So much amazing music came out this year, and so many of the songs and albums on this list weren't even on my radar back in January. You can listen to the accompanying playlist for this list here!

To read more about why I chose my picks, you can check out this long-form piece I did for WQAQ here, breaking down my top 15 albums of the year. If you're looking for more bite-sized reasons to check out releases you might have missed throughout 2023, just keep on reading.

The Sweetest Albums of 2023

"Feed The Beast" - Kim Petras

Genres: Dance, Pop, Europop

Favorite Tracks: "Claws," "King of Hearts," "Castle In The Sky"

"So Much (For) Stardust" - Fall Out Boy Genres: Emo, Pop-Punk, Alternative Favorite Tracks: "I Am My Own Muse," "The Kintsugi Kid (Ten Years)," "Heaven, Iowa"

"This Is Why" - Paramore

Genres: Pop, Rock, Alternative

Favorite Tracks: "You First," "Crave," "Figure 8"

"10,000 gecs" - 100 gecs

Genres: Hyperpop, Electronic, Rock, Pop

Favorite Tracks: "Dumbest Girl Alive," "mememe," "757"

"Intellectual Property" - Waterparks

Genres: Pop, Rock, Alternative

Favorite Tracks: "RITUAL," "CLOSER," "BRAINWASHED"

"The Good Witch" - Maisie Peters

Genres: Pop, Indie

Favorite Tracks: "BSC," "Watch," "The Band And I"

"Death is Nothing to Us" - Fiddlehead

Genres: Hardcore, Rock, Alternative

Favorite Tracks: "Sleepyhead," "The Woes," "Fiddleheads"

"THINK LATER" - Tate McRae

Genres: Pop, Dance, Indie

Favorite Tracks: "hurt my feelings," "run for the hills," "messier"

"Super Over" - Leah Kate

Genres: Pop, Dance, Indie

Favorite Tracks: "Desperate," "I Forgot," "Bored"

"Snow Angel" - Reneé Rapp

Genres: Pop, Indie

Favorite Tracks: "Pretty Girls," "Gemini Moon," "The Wedding Song"

"The Rise And Fall of a Midwest Princess" - Chappell Roan

Genres: Pop, Dance, Indie

Favorite Tracks: "Red Wine Supernova," "My Kink Is Karma," "Femininomenon"

"The Dark" - The Band CAMINO

Genres: Indie, Rock, Pop

Favorite Tracks: "Last Man In The World," "Afraid of the Dark," "Let It Happen"

The Sweetest Songs of 2023

"Rush" - Troye Sivan

Album: "Something To Give Each Other"

Favorite Lyric: "Pass your boy the heatwave, recreate the sun / Take me to the feeling, boy, you know the one"

"I know it won't work" - Gracie Abrams

Album: "Good Riddance"

Favorite Lyric: "Heard you keep the extra closet empty / In case this year / I come back and stay throughout my twenties"

"The River" - Daisy Jones & The Six

Album: "AURORA"

Favorite Lyric: "I'm an echo in your shadow / In your shadow, I'm in too deep / In the river, your reflection / Is a promise you couldn't keep"

"Oscar" - Melina KB

Album: "Playing Adult"

Favorite Lyric: "I was the ingenue on the big screen / In your debut / I was naive / Now I know you, baby"

"End Of Youth" - Ed Sheeran

Album: "- (Subtract)"

Favorite Lyric: "Just a boy at the start, they lent on like a man / You were meant to be my friend and not to take all that you can"

"Found Dead at the Crime Scene" - Save Face

Album: "...Found Dead at the Crime Scene"

Favorite Lyric: "This town needs / More than a boyband with those bright white smiles / I wanna see blood, I wanna see what the fuck you're really made of"

"Don't Hate Me When It's Over" - Stephen Dawes

Album: "The Day We Met"

Favorite Lyric: "It would probably kill me, maybe not literally / Just pull me closer and hold me when it's over"

"Pacer" - Doechii

Album: Single

Favorite Lyric: "I'm on CP time, lizard jet out to Dubai / Watchin' me like PewDiePie / Cash my check out to do buy"

"Black Friday" - Tom Odell

Album: Single

Favorite Lyric: "Wanna be happy, could you show me how it's done? / You look so pretty, pretty like the sun / I could watch forever while you shine on everyone"

"Not Strong Enough" - boygenius

Album: "the record"

Favorite Lyric: "Always an angel, never a god / I don't know why I am the way I am / There's something in the static / I think I've been having revelations"

"Catharsis" - Anklebiter

Album: "To Live and Withstand"

Favorite Lyric: "Kick down the door with malicious intent / Warping my world till it’s deformed and bent / Spreading lies, unfairly jaded / In a place that I thought was sacred"

"Lie of Liberty" - Incendiary

Album: "Change The Way You Think About Pain"

Favorite Lyric: "Fraudulent patriot / Blue-line penitent / Cosplay soldier / False American"

"get him back!" - Olivia Rodrigo

Album: "GUTS"

Favorite Lyric: "I wanna key his car, I wanna make him lunch / I wanna break his heart, stitch it right back up / I wanna kiss his face with an uppercut / I wanna meet his mom, and tell her her son sucks"

"River" - Miley Cyrus

Album: "Endless Summer Vacation"

Favorite Lyric: "I got a new dress just to meet you downtown / Can you walk me through the park just to show it off? / I can pull my hair back in that tight way that you like / If you wrap me in your arms and never stop"

"Opening Night" - Scowl

Album: "Psychic Dance Routine"

Favorite Lyric: "I am just a face / I forget my name"

"Into Your Room" - Holly Humberstone

Album: "Paint My Bedroom Black"

Favorite Lyric: "Don't make me stand outsidе, in the pouring rain / With a freshly ripped human hеart from my rib cage / And a boombox / How pathetic, babe"

"Your Girlfriend Wants Me" - Sierra Annie

Album: Single

Favorite Lyric: "Stereo over my head / Standing in your front lawn, playing that Blink song / Just like Tom and Mark once said / I knew it wouldn't be long till you were the voice inside my head"

"Is It Over Now?" - Taylor Swift

Album: "1989 (Taylor's Version)"

Favorite Lyric: "If she's got blue eyes, I will surmise that you'll probably date her / You dream of my mouth before it called you a lying traitor / You search in every model's bed for something greater, baby"

What are your favorite releases of 2023? Let me know by tweeting me at @JenniferMoglia or the blog at @StrawbSkies! The blog can also be found on social media @StrawbSkies on Instagram and Strawberry Skies Blog on Facebook. If you'd like to support me and/or the blog, you can pick up Strawberry Skies stickers here!

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