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Strawberry Skies Monthly Jams: January 2023

Welcome back to Strawberry Skies Monthly Jams! The couple of weeks off I took was beyond needed, but I've been itching to be back in action for a little while now.

Today's playlist is made up of 30 new(ish) songs I've been listening to since the semester ended in mid-December. Some of these songs have been out for a month or so, but if you haven't listened to them then they're new to you, so it counts!

You can listen to this month's playlist on Spotify here! Be on the lookout for more details about when we'll be back on the air when the semester starts up next week.

"The News" - Paramore

"Last Call" - Will Linley

"Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd" - Lana Del Rey

"Ghost in the Machine" - SZA, Phoebe Bridgers

"Morning Elvis - Live At Denver Ball Arena" - Florence + The Machine, Ethel Cain

"Anything But You" - The Greeting Committee

"If You Don't Like the Story Write Your Own" - Witt Lowry

"Stress Fractures" - Stress Fractures

"it's always cloudy in kalamazoo" - saturdays at your place

"But I Lied" - Leah Kate

"In My Mind" - Blake Zachary

"Giddy Up!" - Shania Twain

"one night" - csurf

"Separate Ways" - 10 Minute Major

"Familia Finito" - End It

"Turn to Me" - One Step Closer

"Stain" - Louser

"Where I'm From" - Zulu

"Unavoidable" - Melina KB

"Throwback Tears" - Valley

"Anthophobia" - No Option

"Hollow" - Mist Double

"Searching For Soul" - Wreckage

"True Blue" - boygenius

"Sick To My Stomach" - Rebecca Black

"Cigarettes & Daydreams" - Nick Garra

"I Wish you Roses" - Kali Uchis

"Everyone And No One" - Ashley Kutcher

"it's not me (it's u)" - mazie

"OUT OF MY MIND" - little image

What have you been listening to for the past month? Let me know by tweeting me at @JENSESSlON or the blog at @StrawbSkiesBlog!

The blog can also be found on social media @StrawberrySkiesBlog on Instagram and Strawberry Skies Blog on Facebook. If you'd like to support me and/or the blog, you can pick up Strawberry Skies stickers here and shirts here!

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