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Review: Babie Finds Her Voice on Mature, Catchy Summer Single “NYG”

On May 14th, 2021, New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Julia Affinito dropped her latest release under the name Babie. Titled “NYG”, this new single is undoubtedly the solo artist’s best work so far.

Affinito has been making emotionally charged music from the very beginning of her career. Her debut album “Tree Sap” was a collection of songs that she wrote while being severely bullied during her high school years, which is evident in her passionate vocal delivery and lyrics that came straight from the heart.

Despite how raw and emotional this first compilation of songs was, it was obvious that they were conceived during a turbulent time. After listening to a few of her earlier tracks, my heart ached for Affinito.

Songs like “Life is Stormy” really made me feel for the young artist, and I was almost praying that her newer material would be happier. Her first single post-”Tree Sap”, “Long Sleeves” wasn’t exactly happier, but it was certainly more mature.

While on her first record Babie sounded sad, she sounded more than sad on “Long Sleeves.” She was angry, impassioned, ready to see a change in her life and ready to make it happen on her own. This change in tone in both her writing and vocal delivery made all the difference.

The music video directed by Kris Khunachak helps to tell the story of “Long Sleeves” masterfully, with dancers pulling Affinito in different directions, surrounding her and ultimately appearing to consume her. If you weren’t sold already, the acoustic live session featuring Chris Russo Jr. of Highwind shows off her vocal chops even further.

Fast forward one month later and Babie has a new single out, “NYG”, which stands for “now you’re gone.” Immediately, this song is leagues above anything she has ever done, lyrically, instrumentally, and vocally.

The lyrics haven’t lost any of their passion, and Affinito is still tackling heartbreak, a raw, real, difficult subject, but they aren’t as tumultuous. There’s something polished about the way that she tackles this breakup as opposed to the way she’d discuss a topic like this on her debut.

Babie sings, “When you see me around you act like you don’t know me / Is it ‘cause you were only in love with the old me?” on the chorus, making the audience feel her pain and delivering an ultra-catchy pop refrain simultaneously. When it comes to summer anthems, this is the perfect "driving around with the windows down" track.

The accompanying music video, once again directed by Khunachak, is also a giant step in the right direction for Affinito, showing the artist with a newfound confidence and storytelling ability. While she’s still showing the raw emotion we’ve come to know and love, she isn’t relying on it anymore; she isn’t afraid to be playful, or vulnerable, or even just a happy teenager, and it’s certainly a welcome change.

There’s no doubt that “NYG” is Julia Affinito’s best work yet as Babie, in a multitude of ways. If this is still only the beginning, I can’t wait to see what’s next for this talented young woman; I’m sure she has a lot to say and can’t wait to share it.

“NYG” is available to listen to on all streaming platforms now, and you can keep up with Babie by following her on Twitter @JuliaAffinito, Instagram @JuliaAffinito, and TikTok @BabieJulez. I’d urge you to check out this new track, and once you have, be sure to share your thoughts on it with me by tweeting me @JENSESSlON; the blog can be found on social media on Twitter @StrawbSkiesBlog, on Instagram @StrawberrySkiesBlog, or on Facebook @StrawberrySkiesBlog.

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