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Interview/Photo Gallery: Young Culture in Asbury Park, NJ - March 30th, 2022

A few weeks back, Albany, New York's Young Culture stopped in Asbury Park, New Jersey on their tour supporting Bearings with Arrows in Action and Between You and Me. Seeing all the band members and fans talk about how much this tour has meant to them has truly warmed my heart.

Our frequent photographer friend Abby Clare was able to make it to the House of Independents to capture the electric energy that this tour held, particularly when Young Culture was on stage. You can keep scrolling to see her photo gallery!

We at Strawberry Skies were also able to have a quick chat with Gabe Pietrafesa, the band's guitarist. You can check that out below as well!

Jennifer Moglia: Thank you for chatting with me! Can you introduce yourself to the readers?

Gabe Pietrafesa: Hello! I’m Gabe (he/him), I’m 24 from Albany, NY and I play guitar in the band Young Culture.

JM: Congratulations on the tour you're currently on? How is it going so far?

GP: Thank you! The tour has been amazing, one of the best yet.

JM: Do you have any favorite cities/venues to play? Any favorite memories from this tour or a past one?

GP: So far my favorite city has been Chicago or Anaheim. But we still have to play all the East Coast shows. Those usually end up winning it over.

This tour has just been so special because of how well the whole package gets along. Arrows in Action, Between You And Me, and Bearings are incredible people.

JM: What are your favorite songs to play live, and why?

GP: I have a really fun time opening our set with American Idle. Ever since we were in the studio making the album I’ve had the itch to play it live. It’s fast, catchy, and fun on the fingers to play.

JM: Thanks so much again for doing this! Is there anything you want to add?

GP: Young Culture can be found anywhere on the internet. Lots of cool things coming up from the band so stay tuned! Thanks for having us.

You can find Young Culture on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, all @YoungCultureNY, and you can pick up some merch on their website as well. Their discography is available to stream wherever you listen to music.

If you liked what you saw of Abby's work, you can follow her on Instagram @Abby.Clare and Twitter @_AClare - her website is linked earlier in this post as well. To book a shoot with Abby, you can email her via

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